Melbourn Brothers Brewery


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History of the breweryMalt is the heart of a good beerSteam power drives the mashingThe mashing processThe boiling processCooling the Wort
We use natural Wild YeastWild Yeasts enter our coolships roomOur beer matures for one yearFresh fruits add flavour to our beerFind out more about our beersThe historic town of Stamford
the wort is cast into the hopback

The Boil

After boiling the wort and hops for an hour and a half, the wort is cast into the hopback. A false floor of slotted brass plates stops the spent hops from pouring through to the next stage. Instead they act as a filter bed for the boiled wort to percolate through.

From here the hot liquid is pumped to the "open-fridge" beer cooler.

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