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All Saints Brewery has a long history




original front of the boiler

History of Melbourn Bros.

It is probable that activities connected with brewing and the related industry of malting have been carried out on this site for centuries.

The basis for the present brewery was established in 1825. The All Saints Brewery was purchased by Herbert Wells Melbourn in 1869 when it was already a successful common brewery. He was soon joined by his brother, Stanley, and after a devastating fire in 1876, the business was expanded by installing the most modern steam brewing equipment. As testimony to this traditional family brewery, they employed only four head brewers between 1869 and 1974 and two of those were father and son.

After a closure - the result of a potentially dangerous steam boiler and a century and a half of continuous use - the tiny All Saints Brewery that is Melbourn Bros. has been completely restored carefully renovating the old brewing equipment.

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