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tipping malt into the hopper



the Malt Mill

Malt - Heart of a Good Brew

Finest farm grown barley and wheat, malted by a local maltster, are tipped into the hopper. From here the grain is conveyed along the original drag conveyor and up the malt elevator to the malt hopper at the very top of the brewery, prior to the milling. Old fashioned leather belts on original pulleys give the brewery the look of time standing still.

The malt is released from the bottom of the malt hopper into the mill. It firstly falls through a wire screen, preventing large pieces of foreign matter from fouling the mill.

The mill consists of two carefully spaced belt driven crushing rollers which are to this day still powered by the old steam engine. The object is to crack open the grain to expose the starchy endosperm without grinding it to a fine dust.

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