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History of the breweryMalt is the heart of a good beerSteam power drives the mashingThe mashing processThe boiling processCooling the Wort
We use natural Wild YeastWild Yeasts enter our coolships roomOur beer matures for one yearFresh fruits add flavour to our beerFind out more about our beersThe historic town of Stamford
The rakes are mechanically driven by steam engine

Adding hops to the copper

The Mash

The mash is left to stand for 90 minutes at 65 degrees Centigrade, during which time starch from the grist is converted into simple sugars. The liquid produced, called wort, is then allowed to percolate through slotted brass plates in the base of the mash tun into the brewing copper.

At the same time, hot water (sparge) is added to the surface of the mash to help wash out all of the available extract.

The wort is collected in the antique brewing copper and hops are added.

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