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Historic Stamford - the finest stone town in England

Historic Stamford

Melbourn Bros' All Saints Brewery is located in the shadow of 14th century All Saints Church in the heart of Stamford. Declared "the finest stone town in England", Stamford was first settled by the Saxons before it fell to the Danes in the 9th century.

About 920 the town was recovered by the Anglo Saxons and a period of prosperity, mostly due to the woollen cloth trade, ensued. Minting its own coins, it was ranked fifth among English towns by the time the Domesday survey was completed in the year 1086.

In addition to a castle, dating from William the Conqueror, there are many fascinating churches and other buildings to visit. Stamford is also a town with excellent shopping and accommodation. Just outside of the town is Burghley House, one of the country's most beautiful Elizabethan homes and parks.

Stamford is just off the main A1 road equidistant between London and York. Further information about Stamford is available on Stamford Links Web site.

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