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History of the breweryMalt is the heart of a good beerSteam power drives the mashingThe mashing processThe boiling processCooling the Wort
We use natural Wild YeastWild Yeasts enter our coolships roomOur beer matures for one yearFresh fruits add flavour to our beerFind out more about our beersThe historic town of Stamford
a steam engine provides mechanical power

milled grist and hot water are mixed together

Steam Power

A steam engine provides mechanical power to drive the malt mill and the mash tun rakes. This model is an inverted vertical steam engine, which was built by Marshalls of Gainsborough in 1910. It can develop 12 horsepower. The mash tun was built in 1876.

During mashing-in, the milled "grist" and hot water are mixed together through this unique mashing device of Scottish origin.

When all the grains have mashed into the mash tun, they are stirred by revolving an in-situ raking device.

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